Maintenance Facility (New)


  • Maintenance Facilities
  • 1.26 Acres

The new maintenance facility for the Darien Park District is located at 9S271 Nantucket Dr.

Community Center

Park Features:

  • Facilities
  • 1 Baseball Field
  • 1 Playground
  • 9.3 Acres

The Darien Park District has classrooms available for meetings, parties, seminars or classes. If your needs are for a larger space, the gymnasium and multi-purpose room is also available for rent. For rates and availability, contact the Darien Park District Community Center, 7301 Fairview Avenue at 630.968.6400.

South Grove Park #2

Park Features:

  • 1 Playground
  • 10 Acres

South Grove Park #2 was purchased from School District #66 in 2000, with help from an OSLAD grant. The site is 10 acres, with a playground that was dedicated in 2003.

Chestnut Park

Park Features:

  • 1.5 Acres

Did you know…
Chestnut Park is now planted with native plantings, with provide many positive benefits to the environment?

In early 2018, the Darien Park District was approached by Rob Vuillaume from the Gift of Carl Foundation about the possibility of converting a majority of Chestnut Park into native area. Chestnut Park is a 1-acre park located at the corner of Richmond Ave and 67th St. After meeting with the Gift of Carl and a representative from the Conservation Foundation, Bedrock Earthscapes was chosen to convert .8 acre of Chestnut Park into a native area.

Starting in the spring of 2018, Bedrock Earthscapes planted the basin with a native seed mix. The seed mix includes Little Bluestem, Black Eyed Susan, Cosmos, Wild Rye and various types of Milkweed. Along with adding natural color and beauty to the park, the seed mix will provide a habitat for pollinators and enhance the effectiveness of the rain filtering capability of the basin.

The Darien Park District sincerely appreciates this gift from the Gift of Carl Foundation!

Why use native plants?

  • Native plants help reduce air pollution
  • Native plants attract a variety of birds, butterflies and other wildlife
  • Native plants are hardy and drought resistant
  • Native plants are low maintenance
  • Native plants increase soil absorption of rainfall

802 Plainfield Road/Garden View Park

Former Maintenance Facility for the Darien Park District

Park Features:

  • Garden View Park
  • 2.1 Acres

The District is excited to announce that they were awarded a $600,000 OSLAD Grant in 2023 from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to assist with developing the former maintenance facility site, at 802 Plainfield Road.

The project will focus on environmental responsibility by including community gardens, along with a large pollinator garden. It will also include a splash pad, as well as a playground, shelter, perennial maze and many shady picnic areas.

Detailed construction plans are being developed and bid, and the project is expected to begin construction in the Spring/Summer 2024. Conceptual drawings are included below. Stay tuned for estimated completion dates!

South Grove Park #1

Park Features:

  • 21 Acres

South Grove Park is the largest park maintained by the Darien Park District. Located south of Drover Lane, north of Beller Road and west of Parkview Drive in the South Grove subdivision, this 21 acre neighborhood park is comprised primarily of water detention areas.

Reminder of Darien Park District Pond Rules:

  • No Swimming
  • No Boating
  • No Ice skating

In addition, in any body of water, harmful blue-green algae blooms are a common natural phenomenon. In Illinois, these natural harmful blooms typically occur June through September.

Due to this possibility, the following guidelines are strictly enforced for your safety:

  • Keep dogs out of the water. Do not allow dogs to drink the pond water
  • Do not come in contact with the water yourself
  • Wash skin or fur that comes into contact with the water thoroughly as soon as possible



  • Facilities
  • 11.2 Acres

The Darien Sportsplex Contains:

    • Three National Hockey League sized ice surfaces
    • An indoor fieldhouse
    • One meeting room
    • Pro Shop

Bowl Park

Park Features:

  • 1.6 Acres

The “Bowl,” as it is commonly referred to is passive green-space located at the southwest corner of Charleston Drive and Chestnut Lane.

Pinewood Park

Park Features:

  • 1 Basketball Court
  • 1 Playground
  • 5.6 Acres

Pinewood Park is located north of Portsmouth Drive, west of Arrow Lane. This 5.6 acre neighborhood park in the Farmingdale Terrace subdivision features a playground, basketball court and baseball backstop.

Hinsbrook Park

Park Features:

  • 2 Baseball Fields
  • 1 Playground
  • 6.6 Acres

Hinsbrook Park is located at Hinsbrook Avenue and Beechnut Lane in the Hinsbrook subdivision adjacent to the privately owned Darien Swim Club. The park’s amenities include 2 baseball diamonds and a playground.