Chestnut Park

Park Features:

  • 1.5 Acres

Did you know…
Chestnut Park is now planted with native plantings, with provide many positive benefits to the environment?

In early 2018, the Darien Park District was approached by Rob Vuillaume from the Gift of Carl Foundation about the possibility of converting a majority of Chestnut Park into native area. Chestnut Park is a 1-acre park located at the corner of Richmond Ave and 67th St. After meeting with the Gift of Carl and a representative from the Conservation Foundation, Bedrock Earthscapes was chosen to convert .8 acre of Chestnut Park into a native area.

Starting in the spring of 2018, Bedrock Earthscapes planted the basin with a native seed mix. The seed mix includes Little Bluestem, Black Eyed Susan, Cosmos, Wild Rye and various types of Milkweed. Along with adding natural color and beauty to the park, the seed mix will provide a habitat for pollinators and enhance the effectiveness of the rain filtering capability of the basin.

The Darien Park District sincerely appreciates this gift from the Gift of Carl Foundation!

Why use native plants?

  • Native plants help reduce air pollution
  • Native plants attract a variety of birds, butterflies and other wildlife
  • Native plants are hardy and drought resistant
  • Native plants are low maintenance
  • Native plants increase soil absorption of rainfall