This 150,000 square foot facility is a state of the art facility. The facility contains seating for over 3,000, 3 National Hockey League sized ice surfaces, an indoor fieldhouse, a Pro Shop, and a Concessions area. Over 40,000 square feet of exhibition space.

Well over a million patrons pass through our facility each year. The Sportsplex is easily accessible from I-55, I-355, Kingery Hwy./Rt. 83, 75th Street, and Plainfield Road. Our programs in Hockey, Ice Skating, and Soccer run year round and are some of the most attended and well run in suburban Chicago.

  • There are only a limited number of spots available. Please stop by and reserve your spot early!
  • This is a perfect way to reach a lot of people in one spot. Why spend thousands on newspaper advertisements that appear for one day, when you can reach thousands each week at minimal cost?
  • You will also be provided with a link to your website through our site

Sportsplex Advertising Plans

All advertising plans run for one (1) 12-month period (unless otherwise indicated) from the date the material is installed by Park District staff.

Plan I: Arena Banner (10′ x 10′)

  • 1 banner $2,500.00
  • 2 banners $3,500.00
  • 3 banners $4,000.00

Plan II: Lobby Banner (3′ x 5′)

  • 1 banner $1,000.00
  • 2 banners $1,500.00
  • Purchase 2 banners get the 3rd free

Plan III: In Ice Logo (Available in 3-year terms ONLY)

  • 1 logo $1,500.00 (annual)
  • 2 logos $2,500.00 (annual)
  • 3 logos $3,000.00 (annual)

Plan IV: Ice Resurfacer (Available in 3-year terms ONLY)

  • 1 resurfacer $4,000.00 (annual)
  • 2 resurfacers $7,000.00 (annual)
  • 3 resurfacers $9,000.00 (annual)

Plan V: Arena Naming Rights (Available in 3-year terms ONLY)

  • Campbell Arena $30,000.00 (annual)
  • Norris Arena $30,000.00 (annual)
  • Wales Arena $30,000.00 (annual)

Advertising Plans Advertising Terms and Policies

If you are interested in advertising at our facility, please Email Jody DuFort or call 630-546-6674.