Tax Rate Information

Property Tax Dollars and the Darien Park District

The Darien Park District relies on the support of property tax dollars for its operations. The portion of your property tax dollars that the park district receives is a small portion of your total tax bill. The property taxes are based on the Equalized Assessed Value (EAV), which is one-third of your property’s market value.

Every year, the Park District must file documents with the Du Page County Clerk’s office in order to receive tax money for the following year. Under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law, the Darien Park District may only increase its levy from the previous year by 5% or the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”), whichever is less. Typically, the Park District receives about a 2-3% increase in tax dollars each year. The only other way to raise property taxes is through a referendum.

At the end of 2003, the Illinois Legislature passed Public Act 93-0612, which allows park districts to levy taxes (up to four cents) to support special recreation costs and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) expenditures, while removing this levy from a park district’s tax cap limitation. The Darien Park District is a member of SEASPAR, and levies for taxes each year in accordance with a SEASPAR budget.

Past Darien Park District historical tax rates:
  • 2010: .2778
  • 2011: .2983
  • 2012: .3306
  • 2013: .3525
  • 2014: .3605
  • 2015: .3590
  • 2016: .3433
  • 2017: .3394
  • 2018: .3280
  • 2019: .3227
  • 2020: .3174
  • 2021: .3171
  • 2022: .3277
Property Tax Dollars and the Darien Sportsplex

The Darien Sportsplex is an Enterprise Fund, which means that the operating expenditures are supported by the revenue that the facility generates. Tax dollars are not used to support Sportsplex operations.