South Grove Park #1

Park Features:

  • 21 Acres

South Grove Park is the largest park maintained by the Darien Park District. Located south of Drover Lane, north of Beller Road and west of Parkview Drive in the South Grove subdivision, this 21 acre neighborhood park is comprised primarily of water detention areas.

Reminder of Darien Park District Pond Rules:

  • No Swimming
  • No Boating
  • No Ice skating

In addition, in any body of water, harmful blue-green algae blooms are a common natural phenomenon. In Illinois, these natural harmful blooms typically occur June through September.

Due to this possibility, the following guidelines are strictly enforced for your safety:

  • Keep dogs out of the water. Do not allow dogs to drink the pond water
  • Do not come in contact with the water yourself
  • Wash skin or fur that comes into contact with the water thoroughly as soon as possible