Facilities Tradesman (Full-Time)

$16+ DOQ
Under the direction and supervision of the Facilities Foreman, the Facilities Tradesman shall be responsible for facility mechanical system repair and maintenance and assists with the overall upkeep of all facilities. This includes all physical elements of facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, ice plants, roofs, building interiors and exteriors, etc. The Facilities Tradesmen also collaborates with the Facilities Foreman to ensure reporting and inspections are conducted and in a timely manner. This is an at-will position.

High school graduate. A strong background in electrical, plumbing or carpentry preferred. Effective communication skills in both verbal and written format. Must be in good physical condition to accomplish manual labor, strenuous at times, in all types of weather conditions including extreme heat and humidity and cold. Must have a valid Illinois Driver’s License.

A. Essential Functions

  1. Gain knowledge and understanding of Park District policies and procedures and see that they are always adhered to.
  2. Oversee the mechanical maintenance of District facilities. Will conduct all necessary inspections, repairs and maintenance to all mechanical systems. Will keep all physical aspects of facilities in a well-maintained condition.
  3. Supervise part time facility maintenance staff.
  4. Assist the Facilities Foreman and Superintendent of Parks & Maintenance in developing yearly budgets.
  5. Develop preventive maintenance programs.
  6. Maintain accurate and complete records of maintenance activities.
  7. Review all facility renovation and construction plans with the Facilities Foreman.
  8. Inspect and maintain all outdoor lighting and plumbing systems.
  9. Work with outside contractors to insure all construction, repair and maintenance specifications are met.
  10. Prepare written reports to the Facilities Foreman as needed.

B. Secondary Functions

  1. Perform other duties and requirements as assigned.
  2. The District encourages its employees to “take ownership” of the District. As such, it shall be the responsibility of all Park District employees to pick up litter throughout the buildings, grounds, and facilities of the District.
  3. It is the responsibility of every employee to observe and follow all Park District safety policies and regulations and report any hazardous situations. The safety of staff and participants is a continuing responsibility of all employees.
  4. Employee is required to drive to various sites throughout the Park District, so the individual must possess a valid Illinois Class “D” Driver’s License.


  1. Capable of communicating and working with all levels of park district staff.
  2. Working knowledge of tools, equipment, and procedures used in facility maintenance and repair, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing.
  3. Knowledge in current equipment operation practices as related to operations.
  4. Ability to read blueprints, schematic drawings, and other construction documents.
  5. Working knowledge of construction methods and the use of construction equipment.
  6. Ability to accurately determine repair needs, estimate the time of repairs and develop detailed project cost estimates.
  7. Ability to maintain and organize systematic, complete, and accurate records and be skilled in communicating clearly in a written manner.
  8. Ability to perform repairs and preventive maintenance as needed to keep equipment in sound and safe working order.
  9. Knowledgeable on the operation of a personal computer as it pertains to specific operations. Such as operations software, scheduling, emailing, inventories and timekeeping. Specific programs to be familiar with are: Word, Excel, Outlook, and basic understanding of the internet.
  10. Possess time management and organizational skills to effectively perform his/her job responsibilities.
  11. Possess good problem-solving skills and have the capacity to act rationally and calmly in high stress and/or emergency situations.
  12. Ability to perform a full range of mechanical work including the trouble shooting of equipment for both major and minor repairs.
  13. Possess good leadership and communication skills.
  14. Ability to read, analyze and interpret documents, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals.
  15. Ability to define and solve a variety of building and safety related problems.
  16. Knowledge of Safety and OSHA Regulations.
  17. Ability to follow directions and communicate in English as needed to perform job duties.
  18. Ability to read and understand materials printed in English.
  19. Ability to represent the Darien Park District in a professional manner.
  20. Strong safety awareness and judgment in safety precautions.
  21. Ability to use a phone or other communication device.
  22. Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  23. Ability to deal with multiple situations at the same time that will increase stress levels.
  24. Ability to accept constructive criticism and/or supervision.
  25. Ability to be flexible and adaptable to new situations.
  26. Possess enthusiasm and drive with a desire to accomplish goals and objectives.
  27. Ability to work in a team atmosphere, as necessary, promoting positive and effective working relationships with staff and external customers.

Address: 7301 Fairview Ave
City, State, Zip: Darien, IL 60561
Contact: Blake Ertmanis
Contact email: bertmanis@darienparks.com