Darien Park District

Spring Hockey League

2018 Spring League

General Information

  1. League: April 6 - June 17, 2018
  2. Early Registration Deadline: March 1, 2018
  3. Registration Deadline: March 23, 2018
  4. AHAI Roster Due: April 1, 2018
Team Fee:
  1. $2,600 ($1,000 due with registration and the balance due by the 1st game).
  2. Early registration and team fee paid in full by 3/1/2018, will receive a $100 discount.
  3. Sign up more than one team from the same club and the club will receive a $100 discount.
  1. 10 games, No Playoffs
  2. First 3 games will be used as a tournament seeding weekend; April 6th-8th. Mandatory for all teams to be available all 3 days
  3. Remaining 7 games will be played between April 13th thru June 17th
  4. All teams must be available to play every day of the week with a minimum of one game a week after the tournament seeding weekend
  5. We will look to offer 4 divisions: D1 through D4. D1 being the highest division and D4 being the lowest
  6. Please indicate on this form which division you think you team will most likely fit into
  7. Divisions will be decided on final amount of teams
  8. No outgoing seniors or 7th graders allowed!
  9. Players rostered on 2 teams within their organization serving suspensions cannot play on either team until the suspension is served with the original team
  10. Schedule Requests - we cannot guarantee your request, but we will try our best.


Spring Hockey League Rules

Spring Hockey League Official Team Roster

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