Darien Park District

Ice Skating Programs

Paige Rydberg skated at the 2017 U. S. Figure Skating Championships. Paige practices at the Darien Sportsplex.
Video Source: shintora sports

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Skate School

Skate School is an ISI program that consists of 8 week sessions for the Back to School, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Group classes are offered on Thursdays and on Saturday mornings. Each class is 40 minutes for Pre Alpha- Adults or 30 minutes for tots. Please see the Skate School registration form for current times of the classes available along with the practice schedule included in the program. All abilities of skaters can learn to skate whether it is the first time on the ice or an advanced skater that wants to develop their skating skills. The Darien Sportsplex has a class for all levels in the Skate School!

Contract Ice

Contract ice is available 7 days a week! We offer practice ice all day during the week and have morning ice available on the weekend. Skaters can use this ice for private lessons, along with furthering individual skills. Contract ice is available to be purchased in advance for 10-12 week slots for each session, or Walk-on ice can be purchased the day of depending on availability for an additional fee. Each session runs 60 minutes. Please see the Contract Ice schedule for current days, times and pricing.