Darien Park District


Regarding the District's response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our office hours are very limited for the time being but you have 4 ways to register for the programs:


If you have registered programs at the Darien Park District before, and you need your User ID and password, please email info@darienparks.com
If this is your first time to register programs, more information


Mail filled out, signed registration forms along with payment to:
Darien Park District
7301 Fairview Ave., Darien, IL 60561


Drop off completed Park District registration forms along with payment at the Darien Park District Community Center, 7301 Fairview Ave. A drop-box is located outside the main entrance.


Send your registration form to info@darienparks.com

Once we process your registration, we will send you a confirmation. Please allow a few days for the processing of your registration. Thank you for your patience!

Click here for a Registration form
Click here for Online Registration

Click here to download more information about the following Teen Sports programs:

  • Fencing Sports Club
    Fencing Equipment Procedure in light of COVID-19:
    Fencers must rent equipment for the session or purchase their own basic set (est. $140). To rent a personal set of equipment, contact Fencing Sports Club at 630-678-0035.
    If you prefer to purchase a personal beginner set, the Club is happy to quickly assist with ordering from Blue Gauntlet. Participant must attend first class with their new set in hand. At the end of session, you may have the club buy your equipment at 50% of purchase price if no longer interested in owning.
  • Hockey
    • 3on3 Hockey League
    • Drills for Skills & Power Skate
  • Horseback Riding Camp
    • Beginner Camp
    • Intermediate Camp
    • Advanced Beginner Camp
  • Horseback Riding Lessons
  • Karate
  • Skate School
  • Soccer
  • Spike & Swim Co-ed Beach Volleyball League
  • Taekwondo
  • Tennis Titans - Beginner Green Ball
  • Teen Sports Training
    • Private Softball Lessons
    • Teen Personal Training