Darien Park District


Regarding the District's response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our office hours are very limited for the time being but you have 4 ways to register for the programs:


If you have registered programs at the Darien Park District before, and you need your User ID and password, please email info@darienparks.com
If this is your first time to register programs, more information


Mail filled out, signed registration forms along with payment to:
Darien Park District
7301 Fairview Ave., Darien, IL 60561


Drop off completed Park District registration forms along with payment at the Darien Park District Community Center, 7301 Fairview Ave. A drop-box is located outside the main entrance.


Send your registration form to info@darienparks.com

Once we process your registration, we will send you a confirmation. Please allow a few days for the processing of your registration. Thank you for your patience!

Click here for a Registration form
Click here for Online Registration

Click here to download more information about the following Senior General programs:

  • AARP Smart Driver Course
  • Dance
    • Ballroom Dancing
    • Introduction to Bollywood Dancing Welcome to Gurukul – Step 1
    • Not Your Mother’s Line Dancing
  • Dog Obedience
    • Family Dog - Level I Obedience
    • Good Manners - Level II Obedience
    • Puppy Beginnings
  • Emergency Care & Safety Institute CPR & AED
  • Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI) First Aid
  • Horseback Riding Camp
    • Beginner Camp
    • Intermediate Camp
    • Advanced Beginner Camp
  • Horseback Riding Lessons
  • Medicare Seminars
    • Choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan
    • The Great Debate: Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement Health Plans
    • Medicare 101: Keep it Simple, Please
  • SmartDriverTEK